P90x2 is amazing!  I am totally blown away at this workout.  I started P90x2 on February 6th and have really enjoyed how it is different from P90X.  The absolute best part of this program is the noticeable results I have experienced in such a short amount of time.  I am currently on Phase 3 and want to bring to you my personal review of the program so far.

P90X2 is the sequel to P90X which takes fitness to a whole new level.  Most every move in these workouts provide new elements to the equation which include balance and core.  So, with that being said, for example, you may be thinking I’m going to be doing lots of push ups or pull ups again.  As a matter of fact, yes but try doing push ups on medicine balls or on a stability ball and pull ups using 2 towels to pull yourself up.  How’s that for mixing things up a bit?  I also find what is interesting and challenging is doing dumbell curls or presses standing on one leg.  That is not easy but it sure gets the results.  Was I wobbly at first? You bet.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think you get over the wobbliness but you definitely get stronger in places to help you with your balance.  In P90X2, you spend a lot of time balancing usually with weights in hand or trying to do one legged squats while touching your toes.

What I really enjoy about P90X2 versus P90X is a number of things.  First and foremost, I find the workouts very challenging but a lot more fun than P90X overall.  For instance, when you compare the new Plyocide to P90X’s Plyometrics, it is like night and day as far as fun.  Plyocide has more variations in moves and shorter time frames of each move.  One example of a fun move to me is the top tap medicine ball move where you are going around in a circle constantly touching the ball with your “tippy” toes for 60 seconds.  That just flat wears you out.  I also noticed that the warmups are consistent on many of the workouts.  It is nice to know what’s expected really quick when you are doing the warmups and fairly easy to get used to. The warmups involve more core movement by swinging a stability ball back and forth along with simple moves such as the “world’s greatest stretch” which is something that is done in almost every INSANITY workout.  And, I must talk about the pullups in P90X2.  The pullups are so challenging.  For example, the “lever” pullups really work not only your arms and shoulders but you can feel them really working your chest.  There are also the “crunchy” pullups design to attack many areas including your core. Overall, in my opinion, there is a lot more variety of challenging yet fun workout moves in P90X2.

Here is a video of Tony Horton talking about the differences between P90X and P90X2.

P90X2 Daily Schedule:

Phase 1: FOUNDATION (3-6 weeks)
Day 1:  X2 Core
Day 2:  Plyocide
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 5:  X2 Yoga
Day 6:  X2 Balance + Power
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility

Phase 2: STRENGTH (3-6 weeks)
Day 1:  Chest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 2:  Plyocide
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 5:  X2 Yoga
Day 6:  X2 Base + Back & X2 Ab Ripper
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
V Sculpt & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 1
X2 Chest + Shoulder + Tris & X2 Ab Ripper switch in Day 4

Phase 3: PERFORMANCE (3-4 weeks)
Day 1:  P.A.P. Lower
Day 2:  P.A.P. Upper
Day 3:  X2 Yoga
Day 4:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 5:  P.A.P. Lower
Day 6:  P.A.P. Upper
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility

Recovery Week (to be done when needed)
Day 1:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 2:  X2 Yoga
Day 3:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4:  X2 Yoga
Day 5:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 6:  X2 Yoga
Day 7:  Rest of X2 Recovery + Mobility

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