Are you ready to enter the Asylum again?  As if INSANITY and INSANITY: The Asylum weren’t tough enough, they’ve definitely kicked this workout up a notch.  I just got finished with 30 days of Asylum and I must say it was the most challenging workout I have ever done because it totally kicked my butt.  It was definitely a hate/love relationship for sure.  The more I hated it, the more I loved the results.  I wanted to make you aware that Insanity/The Asylum 2 just launched and you will be able to tell by the video below, it will push you beyond your limits.

Here is what I know about the ASYLUM: Volume 2. In just 30 days you can train like an athlete and get yourself totally ripped.  As you experienced Asylum, Shaun T trained your agility, speed and power.  Now Shaun T takes your skills to the next level with his INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2—the next 30 days of pro athlete training designed to get your body leaner, faster, and stronger than ever. So you not only defeat the competition. You CRUSH IT!

Here are the benefits from the workouts of INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2:

  • This dynamic training model activates multiple muscle groups at the same time.
  • Get the same results in 30 days that it would take you years to achieve in the gym.
  • 7 new Asylum workouts designed to test you, motivate you and skyrocket your game to its highest level when you need it most.
  • Tools that will accelerate your results such as  THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Calendar to track your upward progress, Shaun T’s Get Shredded Volume 2 Nutrition Plan, The Playbook, your 3-Step Quick-Start Guide, and invaluable 24/7 online support.

Over the next 30 days, your entire body will undergo a maximum transformation.

Enter THE ASYLUM Volume 2 now to get the mindset, skills, and physique to dominate any challenge that comes your way. If you’re a sports player or just want to train like an elite athlete, Asylum 2 is going to be a GREAT program for you!  This is the training of the future.