Name:  Chris Sharp

Program:  P90X2

Chris’s P90X2 Before and After Story













“Five months ago I was your typical out of shape 46 year old guy that thought a good workout was the walking I got when I went out golfing using a golf cart. As I was looking at myself in the mirror following an over-indulgent Thanksgiving dinner I decided (for about the thousandth time) that I needed to do something about my weight. The difference this time was that I thought of a program that I heard about from a co-worker called P90X. Thinking P90X2 was just the “updated” version of the program, I put it on my Christmas wish list and started to do some dieting and weight training in anticipation of its arrival. At the outset I decided that I would be fully committed to the program for 90 days to see if it could really help and that decision has made all of the difference. As I started into the program, I hit play every day and was fortunate to find a committed group of fellow workout enthusiasts on Facebook called “Team Rock Hard” that encouraged me to stay committed to my goals. After 30 days of working out and eating right I saw real progress and that gave me incentive to keep it going. Now after 5 months the progress is substantial. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost 40 pounds, my pants size has dropped 5 inches and I feel better than I could have imagined when I started this journey. P90X2 has been more than just a successful workout program. It’s become a sustainable change in lifestyle that I am now absolutely committed to. Thank you Team Beachbody, Coach Stacey James and my workout teammates at Team Rock Hard.”

-Chris Sharp