Today’s idea for a post comes from a new client of mine.  She asked me to research many ways to burn calories including doing normal household chores such as cooking and cleaning.  She stated that even though she is going to start her Insanity Challenge with the Insanity Challenge Group on Facebook in the next week, she was interested in knowing how many calories are burned when she is cooking and cleaning her house.  I definitely was curious myself to see how you can burn calories in many other ways other than working out to these Beachbody programs such as P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Insanity/The Asylum and many others.  So I did a little bit of research on the subject and here are my findings:

Cooking – when you are cooking like a chef, running around the kitchen, grabbing all of your ingredients to put together that wonderful meal for you and your significant other or your family, you are burning approximately 150 calories per hour.  If you are a cook or a chef in a job full time, you can see how the sweat that is coming off your brow will equate to hundreds of calories burned.  Therefore, put on your chef’s hat and start burning those calories.

Sweeping/Mopping/Vacuuming – is a great upper/lower body workout.  You should pick the areas on the floor that are the dirtiest first and work your way to the cleaner areas to get the best workout.  If you do this method, you will be burning 240 calories per hour.  If you do this type of cleaning all day long, your calories burned will really rack up and you will get a great workout.  So, don’t shy away from either sweeping, mopping or vacuuming.  These chores will pay off for you.

Mowing the Lawn – If you want a really good calorie burning household chore, then dump your landscaper or gardener and begin to mow the lawn on your own.  Use a manual or push mower for best results.  If you do this, you will be burning 325 calories per hour.  Now I know why I was so skinny when I was a teenager growing up.  My Dad used to have me mow the lawn every weekend and I remember using a push mower and having to bag tall bags of grass.  If you mow lawns for a living, you can burn a large number of calories all day long.

Shoveling the Snow – After a huge Thanksgiving dinner or after eating too much during the holidays, get outside and shovel some snow.  Shoveling snow will help you burn about 415 calories per hour.  If you have 8 foot snow drifts in your driveway like I experienced the first year I lived in Indiana in 2003, I remember how hard I worked and how much I sweat.  Shoveling snow is definitely a great workout.

Therefore, these household chores are great ways to burn calories.  However, if you are serious about losing weight fast, I highly recommend one of my Beachbody Challenge Groups to challenge you to hit your goals in fitness, nutrition and calorie burning as quickly as possible.  Take a quick moment and watch this video that explains what a Beachbody Challenge Group is all about:

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