My Insanity Review.

This workout separates itself from the rest when it comes to burning fat.  You want to get lean and mean real quick, stay committed to 60 days of Insanity and you will.

I have been using a number of Beachbody programs for the last year, and they have all been amazing! I now have another program to add to my collection, and I’m very excited about it! However, this workout is separating itself from the rest, and is quickly establishing itself as the bad boy and cardio king of all workouts!

I have had many customers of mine and even some coaches try it, and they all preach by the program. They all have said that it is by far the hardest program they have ever tried, even harder that P90X! I have seen some of their progress pics and really can’t believe the results they have achieved.

Insanity is a high intensity program in which you burn up to 1,000 cals per hour, which you usually don’t find from any other workout program. Now that is intense! When you receive the package, you will receive a book to hold the DVD’s and the Elite Nutrition Book, which helps you stay on the right track with your diet. You will also receive a calendar that shows you which Insanity workout to do for crazy results! However, I have to warn you that Insanity is a very high impact workout! You will be jumping around every which way, so if you have knee problems, I recommend trying another program.

So who is Insanity for?

  • People already in decent shape looking to take their fitness to the next level.
  • People looking to get rid of that stubborn layer of fat.
  • People looking to tone up the abs.
  • Anyone looking for a challenge!

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Are you ready for the most intense home workout program to hit the markets yet? Want to take your fitness to the extreme and get that hard bod you have always dreamed of? Then it’s time for you to get Insanity NOW!

What is Insanity? Insanity is a super intense 60 day fitness program created by famous fitness trainer Shaun T that focuses on MAX Interval Training to get you ripped! MAX Inerval Training involves long bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest. With this revolutionary workout, you will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and get into amazing shape in just 60 days!

Will I need any equipment? NO! The great thing about this program is that it uses your body weight for all exercises! All you need is the determination and will power (as well as a towel) to commit for 60 days! If you think you’re ready, then click below!

Our Price: $119.85