My name is Stacey James.

I am a single, 52 year old dad to my son and 3 daughters. I’ve been a very successful professional chef for 22 years and am now with the nation’s largest foodservice distributor and have been for the last 10 years. I have worked out all my life since college, mostly in gyms and health clubs, but have never experienced the results that I have until I did my first round of P90X.

In April 2010, I purchased the P90X program and right when it arrived in the mail, I strained my back pretty bad at a health club with heavy dumbells and basically rested quite a bit and did therapy until my back healed. So, in other words, I have just received the P90X program but it sat on a shelf for almost a year and collected dust. I remember how frustrating that was and yet everything happens when it is supposed to happen and I am glad it did.

Always having a passion for exercise and weight training, I knew that P90X was my ticket to getting real results. I knew it would take commitment to get it completed and there was no way I was going to approach the program half-heartedly or quit after 2 or 3 weeks as I had heard some friends had done. It became next on my checklist of “to-do’s” and right after I moved to Houston, TX in January of 2011, it was only a few months later that I finally started. P90X quickly became my favorite workout ever in my life. Around day 70 of round 1 of P90X, I joined Team Beachbody through my coach Carly Brown (aka Fitmommabrown) from a private message she sent me on Facebook. Within 7 days from that, I saw a video on the Team Beachbody site about the coaching opportunity. About 5 minutes into the video, I decided to become a coach because I realized that I have always been great at motivating and encouraging people to hit their goals and dreams.

With all the Beachbody programs I have done to date, I feel more confident than I ever have in my 20+ years of working out. These programs and drinking Shakeology on a daily basis has changed my body more than I ever thought possible, and at a huge cost less than a monthly membership at the gym. I calculated that I save over $200 a month now by not going out to eat hardly anymore. It does take discipline, but it sure is nice on the wallet.

I now want to share my workout passion and my love for Beachbody programs and challenge groups in hopes that I can inspire people to hit their goals too!

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It started with my personal transformation...

In January of 2011, I took the P90X discs that I had purchased a year before off the shelf and committed myself to a journey that has completely changed my world. Now I am here to help you transform yours.